School of Fine Art 





THURSDAY 9.30 - 12.30 PM.

COST $415 per term. Materials not included.

Enquires ring 0407257943




This class is for intermediate through to advanced artists who want to explore their creativity and at the same time build new skills and understanding. Students are encouraged to develop confidence and direction for their work.

Students discover new distinctions and inspiration. Students work with their chosen medium or experiment across a variety of mediums. Subjects such as still life or landscape are options whilst others will explore abstraction.

The common factor here is the teacher. Kristin Coburn brings over 25 years of teaching experience and works with each student individually at his or her own level. Her classes are insightful, fun and full of stories about art. Kristin teaches from a wealth of knowledge about art and with an understanding about the complexities and contradictions. She is passionate about the “artist’s journey” and brings a psychological and spiritual approach to her teaching.